Board & Staff

The Max Center is non-profit society lead by an amazing team of community-minded individuals who want to provide a world-class facility for the community and visitors of Drayton Valley as well as the student body and administration of Frank Maddock High School

The Max Center Society Board of Directors

Wayne Tourneur, President
Charliie Miner, Vice President
Marjorie Fuhrer, Secretary
Tevor Nickle, Treasurer  

Alvina Sperling, Director
Darlene Neigraff, Director
Marj Horn, Director
Rick Radowits, Director
Kara Siwiski, Director
Michelle Coles, Director
Lori Hausherr, Director
Judy Forrest, DIrector


The Max Center Staff
Kelly Starling, Business Manager
Ray Mann, Event Supervisor
Melody Zutz, Cafeteria Manager
Alphia Smith, Cafeteria Assistant

In House Caterers
Laurie Woloshyn
Haley Bradley