Date: Saturday, November 19/2022

Price: Diamond $80 / Gold $75 / Silver $70 / Bronze $60

DINNER: 6:30

  • U2station is one of the most authentic U2 tribute bands in sound and appearance.
  • U2station is recognized for recreating a spectacular concert experience with versions of the songs exactly as U2 has played them live.
  • U2station spans the decades recreating songs from shows starting at Under A Blood Red Sky all the way to the present i+e tour.
    • U2s’ Bono sings and performs with intense grace and energy;
    • U2s’ The Edge stuns with shimmering sounds and mastering control of echoing delays;
    • U2s’ Adam pounds that rhythmic pulse of the band;
    • U2s’ Larry rocks the unique underlying rhythm that is undeniably U2 when you hear it.
  • The spectacular U2 live show experience is brought to life on stage by these performers.
  • U2station was formed from four major fans of the band who have always been told ‘you look like the guy from U2’ and ‘you sound like U2’ even throughout each of their accomplished music careers.
  • These 4 members have now come together to form one of the most authentic sounding and looking U2 tribute bands in existence.

Growing up with the sound, learning the instruments, and capturing the energy of a live U2 show is what inspires the members of U2station musically and they have set out to create a high-energy tribute show.

U2station embraces their fellow U2 fans and encourages a deep connection between audience, the band, and the music that will leave you wanting more. Authentic sound, lights, and energy is vital and U2station captures that perfectly.

The unique U2 sound is very important and creating the shimmering delays of The Edge’s guitars, the thumping rhythm of Larry’s drumming, the pulsing bass lines of Adam, or the rich soaring vocals of Bono is no easy feat. But when four members come together inspired in their own music by those sounds, it becomes a natural fit. It was a natural progression for U2station to bring their skills and sounds together for a tribute show that is ‘Almost Better Than The Real Thing.’