Nightrain: Guns 'n Roses Tribute

Date: Friday, Sept/2022

Price: Diamond $80 / Gold $75 / Silver $70 / Bronze $60

DINNER: 6:30

The Nightrain Guns 'n Roses Tribute

The Nightrain — Your hottest tribute to Guns N’ Roses — is bound to take you on the wildest of rides.

With a live show that mirrors legendary performances from the one-and-only themselves, you will be blown away by the experience of The Nightrain live in concert.

An assault to all five of your senses, and you’ll be loving every minute of it. If the wardrobes, wild and whimsical stage presence, or the obvious retro vibes don’t take you back to the good ol’ days, the soaring vocal sounds remnant of the great Axl Rose himself most certainly will. Behind him and the outrageous costume changes, you’ll find his brotherhood in musical recklessness as eager to captivate as himself.